I’m Back!

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Yup! I’m back finally!

I missed blogging! Everytime mag open ako ng blog nga mga friends ko super selos ako. I always say to myself, promise later I will write something on my blog. Well, aside from blog hoping, I’ve been busy being pregnant of course, hehehe! I’m on my 7th month and according to my updates I’m on my 32nd week of pregnancy and 8 more weeks to go before seeing our little bundle of joy.

Aside from being a serious wife – ehem! I was transferred to Head Office to back up with the Customer Service department. Thinking of the days when I was still answering calls under Globe, haay irate ito kung irate! Hmmm… and well guess what, I’m having second thoughts if I will go back to Sales or no. Imagine that?

In a few months from now, I’ll see my little angel beside me so aside from making myself ready to be a mom eh me and hubby are making ourselves ready to bring my Mom here over to look after me, hahaha! Sabihin nyo nang paranoid pero OO, natatakot ako! Waaah! Insha Allah everything will went well with the Visa application and all that.

Hmm… What else? Ah yes! I’m thanking all those people who still keep on visiting my other blog. For those na nag visit lang, thanks narin. Hugs!

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