A Song for Me

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A very very very special person composed a song for me. Unfortunately, I can’t post the music itself since I’m planning (wish ko lang matuloy) to sing it by myself, hahaha! Nag-feefeeling lang po, hihihi!

“I Let you go”
By: oLi (September 21, 2008)
[Chords: D – A – Bm – G]

Chorus:I thought that’s what you want
So I let you go…oohh….I closed my heart for what its
Really shouting for…ohhh..
I dont want to runawayI dont want to go this way
But i thought that’s what you want
So i let you go…ohhh…

Now these tears are falling
Cause we cant go back time
And i cant say you’re mine
I just cant say you’re mine

(Repeat Chorus)

I let you go…I let you go…
Present times going back to past
Me and you still dreaming
That it will last forever…forever…

When everything felt so right
And everything is in place
We’ll go back…you and me…
We’ll go back…

(Repeat Chorus)

I Let you go..I let you go…
I let you go…..

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