A Song for Me

A very very very special person composed a song for me. Unfortunately, I can’t post the music itself since I’m planning (wish ko lang matuloy) to sing it by myself, hahaha! Nag-feefeeling lang po, hihihi!

“I Let you go”
By: oLi (September 21, 2008)
[Chords: D – A – Bm – G]

Chorus:I thought that’s what you want
So I let you go…oohh….I closed my heart for what its
Really shouting for…ohhh..
I dont want to runawayI dont want to go this way
But i thought that’s what you want
So i let you go…ohhh…

Now these tears are falling
Cause we cant go back time
And i cant say you’re mine
I just cant say you’re mine

(Repeat Chorus)

I let you go…I let you go…
Present times going back to past
Me and you still dreaming
That it will last forever…forever…

When everything felt so right
And everything is in place
We’ll go back…you and me…
We’ll go back…

(Repeat Chorus)

I Let you go..I let you go…
I let you go…..

Questions of the Week #32

Here ye, here ye! Since I’m back in the blog world, I’m back with my ever favorite QOTW by Ms Yen.

1. Have you ever wished you’re someone elses? Yes, many times.
2. Can you say one nice thing about a person that you do not like the most? What is that? “She’s so nice really…” hahaha! Plastik!
3. Finish this sentence. “Sometimes I can be… self centered”
4. Finish this sentence. “Compared to my real life self, my Internet persona is… quiet”
5. Life dishes out pain from time to time. We can never tell. Loss of a loved ones, breakup of a relationship, etc. How do you deal with this pain? Hmm… I just face the reality that all of us have it’s own destiny and we need to face that reality whether we like it or not.
6. Are you a leader, follower or loner? Leader and a good follower.
7. Would you rather blend in with the crowd or stand out? Blend it of course, ang pangit naman kung eepal ka diba?
8. What do you take pride in? You can brag a little, or a lot more. It’s your day! – I can brag that I’m happy living a simple life and not forgetting the people who made me as I am today.
9. When people pop their gum do you find it annoying? Nope. It’s their life anyways.
10. How often do you complain? Since I’m pregnant, almost every minute… hahahaha!

Pregnancy Updates

Here I am blogging…

It’s 8:37 AM as of writing. Hubby’s sleeping and the sun is up already. Came home from work earlier as expected. After a quick round of playing GENERALS ZERO HOUR with the husband I started to feel pain again. Baby Julia’s been playing around inside my womb as she makes herself so tough as if I’m about to give birth already. Slept around 2:30 AM and woke up 4 AM, sleeping on my right side. Then I turned over and I slept again for another hour. I woke up 5 AM to be exact seeing hubby sitting beside me while browsing his with beloved PC.

It’s Ramadan here in the middle east so the husband’s fasting right now. I woke up saying to myself “I’m hungry…”. Baby Julia started again with her acrobats inside my tummy. Hubby tried to make to me feel comfortable, however the sun started to raise up. Told him to sleep instead and not to bother making me okay since I’m literally okay but mentally disturbed, hehehe!

I was starving so I decided to get up and went to the kitchen to cook a quick meal for baby Julia – who as of now is still playing inside my tummy, huhuhu! I fried the rice (sinangag na kanin) and I saw a can of Pure Foods corn beef, pwede na ‘to!

So I ate…

Satisfied? Yup! :)

But here I am in bed right now, still wide awake. 52 days to go according to my pregnancy counter. I guess this is how it should be. Yung bang tipong paranoid ka as the big day approaches. Haaay! That’s all I can say.

The Blog Title

Hubby’s asking me why I choose to name this blog as MY OWEINI LIFE – obvious ba? I answered him.
Well, aside from the fact that I’m married to him eh I just can’t really think of any nice one to name my blog. Kung pwede nga lang “ANG WALANG TITLE” ilagay, ilalagay ko eh. It’s so very common na kasi. “My Blog”, “My Online Journey”, “Online Diaries” – what if I put nalang “Me”? Come to think of it, it’s so confusing kasi.
My first blog I named it “A Journey to Life” (oo na mas korny!) and the second one was “My All” (Mariah ikaw ba yan?) – now I’m on my third and I can’t think of anything, so thinking that since I’m starting to have a new career in my life, that is being a MOM – I might as well put it in words literally that I’m running this life as an OWEINI, right? Di mo getts? ako rin, hahaha! Basta yun na yun! Naman!
Anyway, this is an open discussion. Who knows in the coming days you’ll see my header different again. Any suggestions?

Applebee’s vs Chilli’s

The other day me and the rest of hubby’s friends went out to eat outside for zahoor (the meal before the prayer for Fajr starts). They called me in the office saying that we’ll eat at Chilli’s not in Applebee’s like we used to.
I remember the last time we ate there was last March 10 – the day I found out I’m pregnant. I was already craving for cold ICED TEA that time so I asked hubby to eat there, but unfortunately I didn’t like the food. The Iced Tea was not as good as Applebee’s and their tenderloin stakes is not that delicious as well. Based on experience, I told hubby not to eat there instead in Applebee’s – unfortunately, it was Thursday and if we will eat in Applebee’s we will be the 3rd group waiting for a table. So I’m with no choice :( hehehe!
And as expected the group didn’t enjoy the food, hahaha! Buti nga! Kasi ang kulit eh. Modir Mohd paid the bill and he told us that it’s much expensive compare to Applebee’s – another buti nga! hahaha! Kulit kasi eh… di marunong makinig sa buntis, hihihi! Food critic ata ito.
Thanks Modir Mohd for the treat ;) Next stop NANDO’s hehehe! Joke! Next time listen to me kasi! APPLEBEE’s is still the best!

Site Underconstruction

Hi my dear bloggers!

I’m back!

Just setting up my site one more time with blogger. I missed editting with HTML like I used to and I miss writing! Give me more time to update my blog. I’m still fixing my sidebar and of course decorating it – as usual!

For the mean time, help me welcome myself back to the blog world! :)

I’m Back!

Yup! I’m back finally!

I missed blogging! Everytime mag open ako ng blog nga mga friends ko super selos ako. I always say to myself, promise later I will write something on my blog. Well, aside from blog hoping, I’ve been busy being pregnant of course, hehehe! I’m on my 7th month and according to my updates I’m on my 32nd week of pregnancy and 8 more weeks to go before seeing our little bundle of joy.

Aside from being a serious wife – ehem! I was transferred to Head Office to back up with the Customer Service department. Thinking of the days when I was still answering calls under Globe, haay irate ito kung irate! Hmmm… and well guess what, I’m having second thoughts if I will go back to Sales or no. Imagine that?

In a few months from now, I’ll see my little angel beside me so aside from making myself ready to be a mom eh me and hubby are making ourselves ready to bring my Mom here over to look after me, hahaha! Sabihin nyo nang paranoid pero OO, natatakot ako! Waaah! Insha Allah everything will went well with the Visa application and all that.

Hmm… What else? Ah yes! I’m thanking all those people who still keep on visiting my other blog. For those na nag visit lang, thanks narin. Hugs!